Sunday, April 23, 2017

2 x 72" Belt Grinder

I decided I wanted to build myself a 2 x 72" belt grinder to add to the forge.  My 1 x 30" grinder is useful, but doesn't really have enough power or surface area to work larger stock.

I'm going for something like this, from the blog of D. Comeau Custom Knives (many thanks for the helpful post!):

So far I've cut and welded the square tubing for the frame, and had some expert assistance from Yulianopolis drilling the holes in the baseplate for the motor mount:

Next steps are welding the frame to the baseplate, and then working on mounting the tracking wheel and tension arm.  I'm pleased with my progress so far:

Welding completed, paint applied:

Test-fitting the tension arm and belt:

Finished the platen and work rest:

The finished product:


  1. Excellent...looks very exciting. What will be your first project?

  2. Probably a play dagger...I told Yulianopolis I'd make one for him.

  3. Very nice. You should post a video of it in action.

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