Friday, June 30, 2017

New Bandsaw Stand

I decided to make a new stand for my portable bandsaw that will allow me to use it vertically as well as horizontally.  My previous stand worked well, but on large stock it was kind of a pain to use.

My first step was to make a frame to serve as the base of the stand:

Made from an old bed frame
Next, I drilled and tapped two holes into the base of the saw's handle, which allowed me to bolt on a scrap piece of 1/4" steel plate:

The next step was to weld on a piece of round bar stock to serve as the pivot.  This was a little tricky, as the axis of rotation had to be perpendicular to the plane of the blade, but the blade itself is at a weird angle compared to the body of the saw:

I ground a groove in plane with the blade, and used this to square the bar for welding.

I then added two upright sections of angle iron to serve as hinges for the rotation, and welded on some washers to keep the bar from drifting axially:

The next step was to add a clamp for holding the work during cutting.  I used a small woodworkers vise (the only part I bought specifically for this project), bolted to some square tubing.  Again, it was important to make sure that this clamp was perpendicular to the plane of the blade:

The final step (other than priming/painting, which I haven't done yet) was to weld on another piece of square tubing to provide a base for using the saw in a vertical position:

It works great!  Here's a video of the saw in action:

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